Monday, March 20, 2006

I cheese you

Jake is so funny. He says the cutest things. Things that should be recorded. And since his mom, my sister, is such a slack blogger :) I feel like I should document some of his latest cuties for posterity.
1. Jake LOVES to take pictures. He hijacks my camera (under my supervision) almost every time we visit. Thank goodness for the big memory card and digital, cause homey can take a good 80 pics in an hour. Most are "artsy" shots of his mom's arm or dad's ass or my purse, but some are actually pretty good. Not bad for a 2 year old who holds the lcd screen up to his chin to frame the shot. It is such a cute image and I'd take a picture for you, but you know, he has the camera. Each time he wants to take a photo he says "I cheese Daddy now" or "I cheese Shanny's purse" (he digs my purse and all the goodies within). And when he wants me to take his picture he orders me "Shanny cheese now!".

2. We visited the family the other day and when we pulled into the driveway Jake was running toward the car at high speed waving a Bud Light around yelling "Unca Jon need beer!". Apparently he's heard that his Uncle loosens up a bit with a beer or 2. Then later Jake kept opening and shutting the cooler and eventually nipped Joey's finger. Sara ordered the cooler to stay closed and Jake protested "NO! Open! But Unca Jon need beer!". Unca Jon was quite a few feet away smoking cheese with Marc and had nothing to do with the current situation. We're a little concerned that Jake might think his Unca Jon is an alkie! All these toddler beer runs are cute til Grandma comes to visit!

**Smoking cheese is just that. Taking chunks of cheese and putting them into a smoker infusing them with smokey flavor. Marc has a smoker so when we're there they smoke cheese.

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