Friday, March 24, 2006


1. When you view my blog on a PC are there 2 columns? The posts on the left and the sidebar on the right? It is that way on my mac so I'm curious.
2. Do y'all really think I should make some more of those mirrors to sell? You think they'd sell? It never occurred to me. I may have to pick up a few more of those next time we're at IKEA.
3. Anyone out there have Crocs shoes? What do you think? You like them? I'm very intrigued by these shoes. They look like they might just fit my Flintstone feet quite well.
Me asking you these questions got me to thinking. One of the reasons I read blogs is I'm of a curious nature. I have questions. So I wondered if you did too.
Any questions you might want to ask me? About anything?

~~Hey guys! I tried to make my columns skinnier over at my mom's on her pc and it didn't matter, the columns never want to line up next to each other. Boo. Anyone know what I can do for you pc reading people?

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