Thursday, April 28, 2005

Worth the Wait

I'm having a really hard time not buying all the adorable baby stuff I've been seeing. Luckily (for my willpower and pocketbook) we are poor, I am still jobless, and we don't know how old Lingling will be. So there's no sense in buying certain things now. Plus, I can't go too crazy and put the cart before the horse. I don't want to fill my house with fabulous things for her and have something go wrong. We won't start major shopping until we are DTC (when our dossier gets sent to China). Then we'll have about 6 months to wait (and shop!) until we get matched with Lingling. Until then I can still gaze longingly at the objects of my desire. ***Click all images to enlarge*** Like this FABULOUS diaper bag. Ok, so I already love dragonflies. Then they went and put them on a gorgeous shade of pinky red and made an affordable dressy diaper bag. Only $18.95 at Adopt Shoppe! This would be my 2nd diaper bag. I'd have one in a more sturdy fabric for everyday use.

Then there are these adorable mary jane socks at Uncommon Goods. Uncommon Goods has a ton of stuff that I'd put on a wish list if they had one. Like this ladybug hat. Ladybugs are considered good luck by the Chinese. *That's a bit of forshadowing for you. I've got a ladybug project in the works. One of my absolute favorite items at Uncommon Goods is this onesie: I love the message on it so much. It's so fitting. It only fits up to age 6 mos though, and the babies are at least 6-8 mos when we adopt. I wish I could screenprint myself so I could get that saying on something that would fit Lingling. Ah well, I can always paint that message on a little plaque for her room.

How do parents control themselves with so much retail cuteness out there???

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