Wednesday, April 13, 2005

No money to pay your fines

Sunday night we went to the Comedy Zone to see Frank Caliendo. The show was awesome. Frank is Jon's favorite comic and he did not disappoint! I laughed so hard my face hurt. We took Jon's parents. This was their very first trip to a comedy club of any type. My in-laws are conservative people. They are the literal stereotypes of their occupations. My FIL is a judge- quiet, stern, no nonsense. My MIL is a librarian- quiet, sweet, no frills.

Well, we got front row seats and as luck would have it the 2nd comedian of the night singled out my FIL. Oh. Lord. Here's what happened:

Comedian: What's your name my friend?

FIL: Dennis

C: Are you married?

FIL: Yes

C: How long?

FIL: 35 years.

Awwwws from the audience.

C: Ok, Dennis, I'm going to ask you a question and you think of a real romantic answer and you might just get some booty tonight. Out of all the women you dated, and you look like you had lots of women, why did you choose this one to marry?

*At this point Jon is dying and I'm squealing because the LAST thing we want to picture is the 2 of them getting some booty.

FIL: Because she's my best friend.

More Awwwws from the audience.

C: Woo boy that was a good one! You're sho gonna get some booty tonight! Not right here Dennis, you gotta wait til you get home. But then you might even get some of that role play booty. Like she's a librarian, and you've got late books and no money to pay the fine!

*Now Jon's stabbing out his eardrums and I'm yelling to the comedian that she's really a librarian. My in-laws are laughing but they have a slight horrified look in their eyes.

C: Even better! Now she knows exactly how much to charge you! You're a lucky man tonight Dennis!

~The baby's name is Reese.

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