Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Shower the people you love with love

Saturday I went to my friend Michelle's baby shower. She looks awesome! Especially to be giving birth in less than 4 weeks! It seems like just the other day that I was dropping something off at her house, I thought no one was home so I was leaving a note when her husband comes running out the door yelling that they just found out they were pregnant! So exciting! Michelle and I met on our first day of 12th grade. We were both new in town and we bonded instantly. She's really great. I was worried about the shower- would I be sad, how would I feel surrounded by pregnant girls and babies? But I did just fine. Being excited about Lingling, talking about her, people asking about the process- it all makes it so much better. And everyone is incredibly supported and interested which is just awesome and makes me feel great. I really believe I'm not missing out on a thing now- I've got so much to look forward to!

Riddle me this At the shower Michelle told us that their baby boy's name is a secret. But she gave us clues and told us she'd tell us if we could guess it. Amy, Sara, and I racked our brains all afternoon. The clues were so vague! See if you can guess it:

1. It does not start with a J. It does include an E. It only has 3 letters, but it's not 3 letters long. Like Banana only has b a and n in it.

2. It's the last name of a famous athlete. The athlete is not a soccer or water polo player.

3. The name can be found in a grocery store.

Finally that evening at Sara's house for a get together to celebrate my BIL's 36th birthday, my BIL's brother's wife Julie guessed it. I called Michelle on her cell and she confirmed we were right. It took 20 people over 3 hours to think of it! I'll give you the answer tomorrow.

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