Friday, April 22, 2005

Slow and easy

When Lisa was in town last time, she noticed a major difference in how us Southerners treat time vs. up North. We had 10 am appointments that were supposed to last 2.5 hours. We didn't leave the salon until 3pm. I had to call the nail place twice to push back our appointments there since we were running long with massages and facials. Lisa couldn't believe it. How casual we all are with time down here. And I've been surprised when visiting up North how quickly things move.

Example: Let's say it's 10am and we're going to the store to buy lunch fixins. Here's how it would work down here vs. up there.

South: Someone announces that we need to go to the store. It's 10am. We discuss what we want at the store, call and see do any of our loved ones need anything at the store, get ready to go to the store, drink some sweet tea, answer the phone, clean the kitchen while on the phone, get in the car to go to the store, stop at the post office on the way, visit with a friend we see outside of the post office, get to the store, buy what we need, buy a lot of things that were not on the list, visit with a friend we spot in the aisle, load the care, make another stop at a different store on the way home since we're near it, get home, unload the car. It is now 2pm.

North: Announce we're going to the store. Get in the car and go. Buy what we need. Come home and unload car. It's now 11am.

I used to date a guy from Maine and once when we were in Maine visiting his family they announced they were going to the store, did I want to go. So I'm getting ready to go and they're already in the car! Amazing how fast these people move! Must be the cold Northern air!

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