Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Like I need another hole in my head

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My dad & his wife drove up for the weekend from Florida last weekend. They brought their new English Bulldog Sally. She's 70 lbs at 7 mos. I love her underbite. Anyway, this dog stayed in her crate in the car while we went to dinner. Granted, it was a nice cool day- a real treat when you live in Devil's Crotch, SC- but Lisa and I were sure she'd suffocate. My dad assured us that cars are not airtight. So we went in for dinner at Cap'n Steves- this awesome fish camp style joint.
Dinner was so funny- Lisa and I kept hitting each other under the table and trying to stifling laughs. But we just couldn't help it. My Dad is such a story teller. And he gets all animated and his eyes go all googly. Lisa said he looks like the Cookie Monster when he really gets going. And bless his heart he has these divets in the top of his head from hair transplants that didn't take. Lisa said it looks like an earthworm crawled in and out of his head leaving these little holes. My bil said once that my Dad "looks like someone hit him in the head with a golf shoe!". Moral of the story: you can cut a deal and ask for discounts on just about anything, except cosmetic surgery!

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