Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Where I run half naked through a salon

I'm late posting about this weekend- I guess I needed time to recover! I picked up Lisa at the airport and we went for Mexican. Holy frijoles was this place bizarre. And the odd thing is, it's a chain and I've never had problems at any other location. It was late though, and in my small town nothing is open past 10pm so we didn't have a choice. There were only a few people in the restaurant. There was karaoke going on in the smoking section- because nothing coats your throat and promises smooth tone like smoke! So while we waited AN HOUR for our food we were serenaded by croaky old people singing off key- poor things could barely keep up with the background tracks. I had requested no beans or lettuce (said I was allergic so I wouldn't appear picky). When the food came of course it was loaded with both. So I sent it back and when it came again they had just scraped the beans off- they'd left a bunch under one of the burrito things. Good thing I'm not really allergic or I'd have died listening to smoky karaoke! We did tell the manager about our s l o w service and we got everything half off. Small victories.

Saturday we woke up and Lisa told me to wear something comfy and no makeup. We grabbed breakfast and ended up at my salon where she had booked us massages and facials! So sweet! I hadn't had a massage since the day before my wedding 4 years ago. I really needed a day of pampering after all I've been dealing with this year. We had a ball. Our facials girl- LeeAnne (she does my waxing too) is so awesome, I've been going to her for over a year now and she's just a riot. She was making us laugh so hard during our facials that I had to jump up and run down the hall to the bathroom or I'd have wet myself. Except I'm not that graceful and I fell off the table more than climbed down. Picture it- I'm topless, holding a towel over my boobs, my hair is all greasy from massage oil, sticking up everywhere, there's a towel pinned to my head to hold my hair back and my face is covered with a black licorice mask! I'm sure the people getting pedicures and haircuts had a story to tell at dinner that night!

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