Friday, April 08, 2005

It comes in threes

I sure hope that is true because we can't afford to have anything else break on us!
1. Jon's car wouldn't start the other day. Totally dead battery. Wouldn't even jump off of my car. We had to tow it in to Toyota and get a new battery.
2. So Jon says since his car is dead he might as well mow the lawn. First mow of the season. He gets about 3 feet into it and the mower just dies. No reason. Only 2 years old. It's supposed to be a good one too.
3. I drove over to Toyota to wait on Jon's car and thought while I'm there they might as well check out my car since my engine light came on. Turns out my front breaks were paper thin, I needed new everything, including a tune up. The little guy from service called to tell me that my car was ready and gave me the total (almost $600!!!). I said Ok, now what about after you take off my fabulous customer discount. Keep in mind we already paid almost $200 the day before for Jon's car (including tow). I reminded Dexter the service man that I did bring in 2 cars at the same time and I did spend almost 2 hours in the waiting room with Mrs. Campbell who didn't take a breath from the time she said Good Morning, and who was STILL TALKING as I walked out of the room down the hall. So Dexter gave me the senior citizen discount and I saved 10%. Never hurts to ask.

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