Monday, November 21, 2005

Slip sliding away

My Grandmommy has been diagnosed with advanced Alzheimers. She is 69 years old. I've told you guys about her. She's the one who just went on an Alaskan cruise in June. She's the best. She's always been there for us and has done nothing but love us, asking for not a thing in return. This is breaking my heart. The last year and a half she's been slipping away right before our eyes. But at first no one thought Alzheimers. That's for old people! She's on a rapid decline though and the doctors made my mom and aunt take away Gmommy's car keys and credit cards. The family is preparing her house for sale and she'll be moving in with my aunt. She can't drive anymore and it freaks her out to stay overnight in someone elses house so this Thanksgiving we'll be taking her out to lunch and back home again. It kills me that she won't ever really know my kids. And one day, she might not even know me.

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