Saturday, November 12, 2005

Gimme the light

I have 2 new obsessions: Candelas and Lampe Berger. Last year we stayed with Jon's aunt and uncle for a few days and they had a lampe Berger and I fell in love. It's this fragrance lamp that has a cool ceramic wick type thing that you burn for 2 minutes then blow out. Then it does some sort of catalytic conversion and boom your whole house smells marvelous. It has scented oil in it and lasts forever apparently. It should. They aren't cheap. But they smell different than candles or incense or the like. Very light and clean. And they come in all shapes and colors and brands, so they are sometimes called effusion lamps, fragrance lampes or lamps, etc.
The other object of my desire is a set of Candelas. I've drooled over these for a couple of years now. They are like candles but are rechargeable, last forever, don't burn you or your house down, and can go anywhere without making a mess. What's not to love? Again, not cheap, but consider it an investment. So if you happen upon a millionaire who asks you what I'd like for Christmas beyond the obvious (a totally financed adoption, iPod, iBook, nursery full of furniture, etc) please direct them to my wish list over at the right.

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