Thursday, November 10, 2005

Just smile and nod

My Dad was sort of normal on this trip. Normal for him anyway. Oh, the red sequin dress- he doesn't know who's it is. He said he grabbed the wrong suitcase. But it's not his wife's. Ok. See, he says a lot of stuff like that and you learn just to smile and nod because any further investigating and you'll hear too much and your brain will explode because nothing makes sense. The tire was for my uncle. That's fine. I'm not asking why my uncle needs just one tire. Lisa doesn't understand the smile and nod technique. She wants to completely understand things. I get that. But when both she and my dad were in town last she learned quickly.

"Jon, you know when you're driving into Georgia from Florida and just across the state line is that huge tree by the highway?"

Yep, yep sure do. Jon and I both nodded while Lisa looked on bewildered. We got back in the car and she accused us of not knowing about the tree. Of course not! If we slipped and said what tree? we'd still be there!

This trip we smiled and nodded at: *disclaimer* I love my Dad. It's been a long, hard road. Too much for a blog post. We've had a rough, ROUGH, past but we're trying to get over that so he can be a Grandpa. But some things you just have to laugh at or you'd just cry.

"That's back when I was having some mental problems after my car wreck."

"Wow, look at those leaves falling." Well, it is fall.

"Yeah I told Marilyn (current wife) that up til now I'd just been practicing being married." Nice. Esp considering you were married to MY MOTHER.

Jake was yelling in his direction "Gunpa! Gunpa!", Dad looks at me "Who's he talking to?"

During a conversation about Johnny Depp where Dad had just told us he'd seen just about all of JD's movies cause JD is his favorite actor and I'd just asked if anyone knew when the next Pirates of the Caribbean was being released cause I just loved him in that role: "You know, I think Johnny Depp was in some movie about pirates."

And my favorite:
"Well they're trying to figure out if I'm disabled cause of being poisoned with mustard gas at that plant in Allendale with your uncle when we were working that government contract. We think that's what caused my psoriasis. Or if it was from being in the Navy."

Oh, and for you, today, a bonus. Click on the picture up there to enlarge and you'll see the divots. The reason why my BIL exclaimed upon meeting my dad for the first time "That man looks like someone beat him in the head with a golf shoe!". Yep, that's what happens when a hair transplant goes horribly, horribly wrong. People, this man has been married 4 times. Not everyone can be this sexy.

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