Monday, November 14, 2005

Be my guest

I love having house guests. Lisa and Pete are coming in just a couple of weeks for a long weekend and I'm already in full list making prepare mode! I love making plans for the activities of each day, preparing the room, etc. I'd like to think I provide my guests with a nice place to stay. I make sure they have clean matching towels, little soaps, shampoos, extra toothbrushes and razors, bath gels, cups for water etc. But when I was recently a guest at Casa de Shanahan I realized I'm missing something. The luggage rack! Now, I wonder do they sell these or will I have to break in to a local hotel? Of course while I'm there I can snag some more tiny toiletries!

p.s. I also changed my ticker for the time being. Recent adoption rumours put our trip at over a year away and that's just a little daunting. So I'm just going to focus on more short term countdowns for now.

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