Sunday, November 06, 2005

My sadistic lover

Saturday Morgan and I hopped in the car and drove to Atlanta so I could return my too wide roman shades I bought last month at IKEA. We ran into a marathon on the way there, and that slowed us up a bit. We made one gas stop (at the castle so Morgan could get her picture with a knight) and made it to Atlanta in good time. Then we got there and shopped and things were looking good. We left and got on the highway. About 30 minutes into the trip home I realized we were heading straight for Chattanooga- a charming city in a state where I do not live. I turned around and on the way back to the correct highway we stopped off at Starbucks. We got on the road and everything was fine. We made a gas/coke/bathroom stop an hour into the drive. About an hour later I started noticing that whatever town we were passing had eerily similar stores as Atlanta. Yep, I got on the highway going the wrong way. When I turned around I realized we were within 15 miles of IKEA. We'd now been traveling for almost 3 hours and had in essence driven 15 miles. Damn IKEA and its magnetic pull! Somewhere around Commerce, GA we made another quick stop and you guessed it, I somehow managed to go South again instead of North. But I caught myself after just a couple minutes. We left IKEA at 5pm. We got home at midnight. It's normally a 3.5-4 hour drive. And guess what? My roman shades are 5 inches too short. Why? Why do you torture me so IKEA?

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