Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jive turkey

Ok, so I usually don't get all political or soap boxy but I just gotta say something. Since when did Thanksgiving turn into Christmas Shopping Eve? I'm so sick of seeing Christmas stuff before Halloween and Thanksgiving skipped right over and treated as the big meal just before hitting the mall. One of our local malls is actually opening at 1am the morning after Thanksgiving. And it used to be a holiday where people got to spend time with their families, but yet again this year my husband will be at work on Thanksgiving, then back at work at 4am the next day. Please do not go to your local grocery store on Thanksgiving day, because if you do then they'll think they need to be open and he can't be home with his family. And I know, I know, he could always get another job. But just about everything in public service is skipping the holidays. Jack in the box is open 24 hrs on Thanksgiving. It's supply and demand. Everything used to close for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the same day every year. If you forgot the cranberries or the gravy, go without. You had 364 other days to shop and plan. It's annoying now, but it's going to be really sad when our girls come home and Daddy has to work on a "holiday". I remember when Thanksgiving was the fun, relaxed holiday where we'd all pile in to the car and go to my grandma's, eat too much, then spend 3 days hanging out with the family watching movies, taking naps, and leafing through those thick holiday catalogs dog ear-ing all the pages with our Christmas wishes circled and starred. I swear, when my little family is complete I'm going to do all I can to recreate that. There's something kind of peaceful driving through town when everything is closed down for a holiday. There's nothing I love more than a full, busy holiday house. And a grocery store with a closed sign out front.

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