Friday, September 08, 2006

Welcome to the 6th week of Bloggy Parade of Homes!

For those of you who are just joining us, we are touring our readers through our homes, room by room. This week we are peeping into bedrooms. If you'd like to play along please leave a comment that you've posted your pics, along with a link to your site and your email address so I can sign you up for reminders and updates. All those who are already participating are leaving comments that their pictures are posted. Go check out their homes!

Check out the paraders below:
~ Elaine
~ Aimee
~ Lisa S.
~ Mrs. Gumby
~ Jacquie
~ Rachel
~ Julie
~ Michele
~ Judy
~ Jessica
~ Julie W.
~ Alfred's Mom
~ Sandy
~ Kendra
~ Gabs
~ Jesser
~ Ani
~ Heather
~ Sara
~ Lisa
~ Leah
~ Alyson
~ Connie
~ Priscilla

Now, on to my house. (click to enlarge pictures)
This is one of the guest rooms. Here is the before picture (mainly a blank slate) I painted it pink in anticipation of little girls coming home! Although since painting it I've come up with a whole other decorating scheme. Good thing I like to paint!

This is the main guest room that gets the most use. Before:
After: All of the decals the previous owner had on the wall (they left them for us to remove!) left big spots in the drywall. So I painted stripes to help cover them up.
I love the paint color in the guest room. I wish I could remember the name of it!

Here is the master! Before: Another blank slate. I decided on a harlequin pattern for the focus wall. I wanted something interesting as we don't have a headboard. This wall is my favorite decorative thing about the room. The wall behind my bed is paint. I painted the diamond pattern using the 2 shades of lilac I used in the rest of the room. Then I painted a sheer blue glaze over it and topped it with a silver metallic glaze. Jon made me a diamond template out of cardboard. We learned a lesson though, we should have started in the middle! The diamonds on the far right are a little smushed into the corner. Oh well! My favorite thing thing in the room is our bed. So comfy.

This is the sitting area. We have a futon in the bay window. Good for reading.
The view from the corner toward the hall.
The view from the corner toward the bathroom. I love the double doors- the big set going to the hall, and the mini ones going to the bath.

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