Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Be still my heart

Sunday night I was watching tv and a commercial came on featuring very familiar looking items. Then the logo appeared. It was an IKEA commercial! WHA??? Then an hour later it came on again! What does this mean? I looked on IKEA's regular and corporate sites and found nothing about a store opening anywhere close to my house, city, or state even. Has anyone heard anything? Or is this just a big mind trick the universe is playing on me?

Also, I just read over at US@ Tod@y this article about this new book and all I can say is Amen Sister Friend! Stop Dressing Your Six-year-old Like a Skank: And Other Words of Delicate Southern Wisdom should be required reading (basing this on the title alone) for all new moms or moms to be. It is NOT CUTE to dress your daughter like a pole dancer. It drives me nuts that the term "wife beater" has become a normal and accepted description for a shirt, but it makes me more crazy when I see little girls dressed like hookers. Obviously little BreeeAnNaH doesn't have a job so the mother is shelling out her own money for slutty little outfits and thong underwear so her precious darling can go to elementary school and what? Do lap dances at recess? Ahem, I'm now stepping off of my soap box. Resume your normal activity.

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