Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bombay, baby

I posted this over at Fancy Schmancy but it is worth repeating over here. I'm so mad at Bombay Company. You may have seen their kid's site- Bombay Kids, but now they've come out with Bombay Baby. And while I'm all for more shopping options, I'm mad because I had already decided on a design plan for Ling Ling's nursery, and now there are way too many fabulous options! Bugs! Bohemian Chic! Gigi! And the furniture, my word, the furniture! I will have to rob a bank or win the lottery, but it would so be worth it just to furnish LL's room with the antique black collection. The changing table, the petite dresser, holy cow, I've got to wipe the drool off my computer screen. It's all too much!
I've seriously been thinking about LL's room ever since I saw the new stuff at Bombay Baby on Sunday. I love to decorate anyway, and this is really throwing me into high gear. But I won't allow myself to start decorating the nursery til we're LID and that won't be for a while (we're on hold until our finances allow for further action). So I just have to drool and dream from afar.

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