Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ribbon round your finger

Just a reminder....Have Blog, Will Travel is still alive and kicking. Go check it out. It's a G00gle group that allows us bloggy people to meet up when we travel around.

Also, be sure to check out my new shoppy blog Fancy Schmancy. Cute stuff people, cute stuff!

One last thing. My end of summer sale at Bellatini was very successful. Thank you so much! I'm down to 5 inventory items. I'll be on a bit of hiatus for a while when it comes to designing more jewelry. Turns out I have carpal tunnel. I saw a neurologist Thursday. He was a nice doctor with an errant eyebrow hair that was coming dangerously close to poking him in the eye. I was so distracted by that hair and spent most of the visit trying to come up with a way to accidentally fall and pluck that bad boy on the way down. I did hear him tell me the painful numbness I've been experiencing in my right arm is due to carpal tunnel. I go get my brace today. In a couple of weeks I go for a nerve test to confirm it. I pray he's taken care of that hair by then or I'll have to sneek some tweezers in and launch a covert attack!

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