Sunday, September 10, 2006

Festiblah & other tidbits

-Yesterday Susan, Miss O, and I went to the Greek Festival. My uncle is Greek and growing up around him gave me a great appreciation for Greek culture, music, and of course- food. Sure, there are some Greek restaurants around here, but nothing is as good as the real thing, cooked by real Greeks. When I was 10 I went to Greece for 10 days to meet my Uncle's extended family. We attended a wedding, visited Athens, Sparta, and his birthplace, the tiny island of Agistri. It was amazing and I'd love to go back. I can still speak a little Greek- good morning (cali mera- forgive my spelling), good night (cali nichta), I love you (sagapo), thank you (afaristo). I used to know the word for watermelon but forgot it. Not like that's a must word to know for travel anyway! Anyway, back to the festival. I'd been once a few years ago and I'd heard the festival had really grown since then. CSP scored me 2 free tickets so Susan and I went. The food was great, and so was the music. But once you've eaten and looked around at the booths, you're kind of over it. But hey, we were able to hang out and have a fabulous lunch. I took home a box of amazing desserts for CSP and I to sample later in the evening. Our favorite thing, besides the baklava, was this delicious almond cookie. I have got to find the recipe. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Not the powdered sugar one, but the crescent shaped one covered in slivered almonds. I'll have to call my uncle.
-In other news, Molly loves to eat bathroom tissue. The smarty pants girl has even figured how to remove the rolls from the holders. She pranced right by me last night with a full roll in her mouth!
-CSP has some major goings on at work right now. He's a grocery store assistant manager and lately he's had to work a lot of really late nights and some over-nights as well. It's really throwing off his schedule, and mine too. The pugs won't calm down and sleep til we're both home, and as soon as they hear the garage door all hell breaks loose. Kea was howling like a coyote last night when she heard him come in. Luickily he starts a mini vacation in a few days.
-I recently found out from my dermatologist that I ahve to stop using scented lotions and shower gels. The humanity! She wants me to do all my washing with Cetaphil. Boo. I may have to defy orders and try the new amber scent at BBW. Anyone out there tried this yet?

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