Monday, February 06, 2006

Close, but no "It's a boy" cigar

Some of you may remember last summer when I was offered a baby at the salon. Well we didn't hear anything else about it. Then we did. Everything has played out and now I can tell you the story.
The second week of November I had a couple of messages from the girls at the salon. We played a little phone tag and then one of them, we'll call her Betty, finally said in her message that the mother from last summer came in and wanted to talk to me. OMG. So before I called back I talked to Jon on the off chance that the girl wanted us to have the baby. Jon wasn't crazy about the idea (since we'd already become attached to Ling Ling) but left the decision up to me. I figured here we are an infertile couple being offered a baby. You take it. I called back and was told the birth mom came into the salon asking for my name and number. Betty asked was it ok if she passed on my info. I said absolutely and also make sure she knows we've already had a home study. So Betty called Birth mom. Birth mom told Betty she was meeting with an adoption attorney, that her and her boyfriend were both on board with adopting the baby out to us. So we checked with our attorney and discussed whether or not we'd be able to be ready for a baby in such a short time. She was due December 27th so we had about 6 weeks. We were excited to hear that Birth Mom was expecting a boy. Now our family would surely be complete. And, the baby boy would be almost a year old by the time we were to travel to China. We scrambled around making sure we could get a nursery together. Oddly enough, the day we got the call a case of Enf@mil formula was delivered to our house for some reason. Our family was so excited. We also found out the Birth Mom had not told her family that she was pregnant, so we figured with only a little over a month til the due date, it was almost a sure thing. Then Thanksgiving came and went, then December. We never heard from her. Betty at the salon never heard from her either. We will probably never know what happened. Our guess is that she went home (up North somewhere) for the holidays and her family talked her into keeping the baby. It would break our hearts to think she gave him to someone else. Hopefully, whatever happened, she's ok and so is the baby.

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