Thursday, February 23, 2006


Displacement: According to Freudian psychoanalytic theory, displacement is when a person shifts his/her impulses from an unacceptable target to a more acceptable or less threatening target.

Yesterday my mom and I went to visit my Grandmommy. You may remember that she is dealing with Alheimers. She's getting worse and worse. My mom called to remind her to shower and dress and we took her to lunch. We made sure she took her pills and I hooked up her dvd player so she can watch the Golden Girls. I wrote down directions so she can switch between the tv and dvd.

On the drive home my mom and I talked about how scary this disease is. How we are scared that we'll get it as well since it is hereditary. How we never know how Gmommy will react to us. How worried and terrified we were to find out Gmommy has walked the 3 miles to her nearest grocery store- alone.

I didn't cry all day. But I could hardly get to sleep last night even though I'd barely slept the night before. Both nights with Alzheimer thoughts running through my mind. I said my prayers as usual and as usual asked for special care for my Gmommy.

Then today instead of taking care of business, crossing things off my list, being productive, I sat and watched Elizabethtown and cried for almost the entire 2 hours of the movie, and even for part of the credits. Cause, you know, a Cameron Crowe movie is a much less threatening target.

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