Sunday, February 05, 2006

Shoe pimp

I suppose everyone will be talking about the Super Bowl today. I watched mainly for the commercials (not so great this year) and I was rooting for Seattle to win their first ever. Oh well.
So instead of rehashing football plays I thought I'd pimp out my new favorite shoe. Last November (04) I bought my first pair of Lands End All Weather Mocs. My cousins in law (is that even a term) were raving about them while we were Christmas shopping. So I picked up a pair in black. They are awesome. Light weight and so comfy. I normally despise any shoe that requires a sock and covers my whole foot, but these are different. Now I have them in mohogany and charcoal too. My sister is wearing them and I've even made a believer out of Jon. Now I just hope we go to China when it's cool out so I'll know what shoes to pack!

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