Saturday, February 04, 2006


This morning Shannon and I went to a meeting about Lifebooks. When you adopt it is a nice thing to make for your child. Most kids would have scrapbooks or photo albums from pregnancy/birth on, but our photos start with a referral. So a lifebook is something you put together explaining as much as we can about her origins.
Anyway, Shannon and I were the only people there that don't have our children yet, and many of the other women brought their girls. OMG. I was surrounded by cuteness. Ages 2-5. One little girl really took to me and at one point reached out and grabbed my shirt wanting to sit in my lap. So I got to hold her for a good bit. Besides Gwen, this was my first personal encounter with children adopted from China. It was so great to see them all playing together. And it was so neat to realize that there really are a lot of people out there in my situation. I even met one mom who lives in my neighborhood. Man, if I didn't have motivation to finish our paperwork before, I sure do now!

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