Thursday, February 09, 2006

We've got a gusher!

This morning I had my stitches out. My mom went with me to the doctor. She's looking for a new doctor and I just love mine so she wanted to check him out. She grabbed my camera and took way too many pictures. I will spare you the gross ones. I didn't heal like my Dr. wanted me to. When he pulled out the stitches my cut came open and started bleeding again while my mom yells "Oh my God, we've got a gusher! I can see your liver!". I'm surprised we weren't booted out. They put some sort of strip band aid type thing on me I have to keep on for a week and then they'll check it. Hopefully I'll heal up. I'm still itching and my skin is all raw from all the bandages. Plus I'm pretty sure my file has been flagged because of my mom's behavior. You don't want your mom flirting with the doctor as he's snipping and ripping!

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