Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Getting drilled

This morning I had a little cavity to deal with at the dentist. While there he smoothed out my front teeth. Apparently I'd never worn down the little peaks your teeth make when you get your adult teeth. It always got on my nerves that they were a little scallop-y looking. I also had a little chip in one of my front teeth. He bonded that one for me too. I'm really pleased. I have grown up teeth now!
Then this afternoon I went and had the color touched up on my ladybug tattoo and had the guy add a dragonfly. I love it now- it is perfect. It symbolizes God watching over me and Jon on our journey to our girls in China. Every journey starts with a single step so that's why it is on my foot. My clumsy self totally fell up the steps going into the studio and I skinned and bruised my shins, completely losing any cool points I may have had. But I did well under the needle my artist said. Much better than last time!

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