Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nursin, Brunchin, Smokin

Man, what a day. First poor Shannon calls to tell me she threw her back out. As I'm getting ready to go help her out Jon slips in the bathroom. On the way down he knocked over some dark plum eyeshadow that exploded everywhere. He's fine though. I went and took care of Shannon and got her situated on the sofa with snacks and drugs. Then I met Jon and my inlaws at brunch. After brunch Jon and I headed up to Marc and Sara's. Marc bought a new grill with a smoker so he and Jon smoked some cheese and made beer can chicken while we played with the boys and watched "In Her Shoes". Jon had brought a cool hat home for Jake. Jake loves it. I think Jon's going to be living out his rocker kid fantasies with his nephews. Joey's trying so hard to walk. He can make it halfway across the room now. He gets so excited!

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