Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kinda like tomatoes, and other randomness

Is there anything you didn't used to like but you do now? I used to hate tomatoes but now I love them. I feel the same way about Brian Austin Green. When he was on 90210 I couldn't stand him. Now he's on Freddie and cracks me up. I love him!

I'm working from home now. Not all the time, sometimes I still go into the office. But working from home is so awesome. I'm getting a lot done around the house in between work stuff. Funny though, now that I'm not consistently in an office I'm falling behind in my blog reading.

I'm getting a little better with my Chinese. Shannon and I listen to Pimsleur's book on ipod trying to learn Chinese every time we're in the car. So far I can say:
I'm an American. -Like that won't be obvious.
I can speak English.
Excuse me
May I ask...
How are you
I'm well
I can't speak well. - Duh.
I can speak a little Mandarin.
- Which is such a lie. They shouldn't start out the book by teaching you to say I can speak Chinese. No I can't. Amy at China East still doesn't understand a word I say. You should end the book by learning I can speak Chinese. I love how they teach us to say I am an American. Like a couple big white people, me with bright blonde hair and a Southern accent, won't stick out like a sore thumb!

I should have waited to tell anyone we're adopting. Every. Single. Time. I see certain people they ask how it is going. Only because they are nice and care about us. But it takes so long. What was I thinking? And Amy at China East can't understand what I'm saying in English or Chinese when I tell her we are still doing paperwork. I wonder how you say "I was too excited and couldn't keep my trap shut" in Mandarin?

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