Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Slack blogger recap

How did 5 days go by and I forgot to blog? Busy busy.
Friday- Jon and I had dinner with my mom and Hale at this restaurant around the corner from our house that we've been meaning to try since we moved here. It was soooo good and had a fabulous atmosphere with excellent service. Problem? The cheapest entree was $18 and that was chicken! Yikes! So we'll be sticking to the ramen noodles for a while! We had a great time talking with Mom and Hale as they are off soon to Naw'leans for Mardi Gras!

Saturday- Worked some in the morning then went over to my mom's. Jake was spending the night with Papa and Gigi (Mom and Hale) and it was his first big sleepover there without his mom. I brought him some Spiderman stickers which he loved. Ooh- Spiderman stickers! Then I showed him his other sursie- his very own peppermint lip balm. He loves my mint lip balm that I got in my stocking this year. But at $8 a tube I can't afford that habit. I found peppermint Chap Stick and figured he'd still get the taste without being able to eat it. As soon as the lip balm came out of my purse he threw those Spidey stickers to the ground and acted like I'd just given him the Holy Grail of the pre-school set. He clutched that chap stick and applied over and over. "My lip?" Yep, yours to keep. His eyes wide he stuffed it into his pocket then would pat his pocket and check for the beloved chap stick. Who knew all it took to make a kid's day was $1.19 and a quick trip to Tar*get? Jake fell asleep on me as we watched a movie with his "Shanny lip" in his little fist.

Sunday- I went back over to my mom's and we took Jake to Pets*mart to look at the puppies. A local shelter usually has a handful there for adoption on weekends. Jake had a big time and we saw the biggest pug I'd ever laid eyes on. Behold the 35 pound Bud: Bless his heart the poor thing could barely breathe! His mom acted like she couldn't figure out why he was so fat at only 4 years old (!!!). I'm thinking he doesn't drive himself to the buffets lady! After Petsmart we picked up my sister Morgan from work then took Jake home. We visited for an hour or so. Jake is so smart and loves my camera. He knows to look on the back to see the pictures. I showed him how to scroll through the pictures and press the capture button when he wanted to take a photo. Kid learned quick. He took 54 pictures in less than an hour! He didn't quite get the whole look into the screen thing to line up his shots and took the first couple photos with the lcd screen pressed to his chin. But he caught on pretty quickly- minus the whole lens thing. Quite a few of his photos include his little fingers or have an orange tint due to his fingers over the flash. But still not bad for a 2.8 year old! Here's one of my favorites:

Monday- I spent some time online looking for a kid's digital camera to no avail. Most of the ones I found cost as much as a grown up's and/or had terrible reviews. The LCD screen is a must because Jake likes to check his work. Any suggestions? As much as I love him he is still only 2.8 years old and a $99 digi cam is not in the budget for a toddler. Today I also spent some time having yet another discussion with my dear husband about the joys of Tupperware. I LOVE L.O.V.E. Tupperware with a passion and we have quite the collection. Yet when I open the fridge I still see things like this: My boy refuses to use it. "Why dirty up something else?" Ok, do you see the bowl inverted over the pot? That's a large salad bowl from our wedding pattern. Precariously perched atop a saucepan with about 1/4 of the pot full of mac and cheese. So until he's finished eating this mac and cheese both the pot and the bowl are out of commission and in constant danger of falling to the floor. Tupperware bounces and is dishwasher safe. All I'm saying people.

Tuesday- A week or so ago I got a call from a head hunter about a job for me. I hadn't applied anywhere since last summer so I was surprised. While I'm totally digging the work from home gig this job I interviewed for today pays very well, has good benefits, and get this: provides adoption assistance! It may mean I'd have to re-enter cube land hell and possibly even wear pantyhose again, but it would so be worth it for adoption assistance! I have my final interview Friday so we'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

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