Saturday, December 31, 2005


My sister took my nephews to one of those mall photo studios for their Christmas photo. It turned out great. (please forgive my pictures of pictures- too lazy to properly scan them in. click to enlarge) While there she thought she'd kill two birds with one stone and get the boys' Halloween pictures taken since she hadn't had time for that til then. She got some funny looks changing the boys from winter clothes to Cowboy and Cow costumes, but if she walked out of there with the cutest Halloween costume pictures I've ever seen! Here's Cowboy Jake and lil Cow Joey.


Susan said...

I did that - sort of. Before Will and I got married I was still in college and BROKE but needed pictures. On one magical day, I had my college grad picture taken, changed and then we had our engagement pic done, he had his solo picture done, I then changed into my wedding dress and had my bridal portrait done. We had the Sears portrait studio blocked up for like 2 hours :)

Susan said...

PS Their pictures are so cute! I love the halloween ones!