Saturday, December 03, 2005

Meeting Gwen

Lots to talk about that happened yesterday so I'll have to break it down in to bits. First Lisa, Pete, and I went to Bojangles for breakfast since they don't have one up north. Then we toured around my little town and my neighborhood (which is rapidly changing. If you want to see any remnants of the Jim and Tammy PTL empire you need to get on down here quick). Then we stopped by to see Karen & Gwen and Shannon who were having lunch. Gwen is the cutest wee girl ever and it was all I could do not to cause a distraction and run right out the door with her! Just kidding. I've never seen a happier mom than Karen that day and I'd never run off with her source of such pure joy. It was fun to have 4 bloggy girls all together for a little while. We hated to leave so soon but we had to get downtown to our 12:30 tattoo appointment. Stay tuned for details on that later!

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