Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My brain is leaking through my nose

I've been sick the last week with a nasty cold, chest, coughing, thingy. I lost my voice, and apparently my mind. At work yesterday I was wearing pants with a side zip and zippy pockets. I unzipped my pocket and put my lip gloss in my pocket before our meeting. As I was walking into the conference room I felt something funny then saw that my lip gloss had slid down my leg and was on the floor. Oh great- a hole in my pocket. So a couple hours later I was getting ready to leave work and I reached into my "pocket" and realized I had actually unzipped my pants and had been showing all my coworkers my bright blue panties with white stars all afternoon.
Then today I went to leave the house and could not find my keys anywhere. Inside my head I was cussing Jon for taking them to work by mistake. I found the spare car key and house key and was going out through the garage when I saw my keys hanging in the front door lock, burglar side, for the whole world to see. Thank goodness we live in a small town in a safe neighborhood cause anyone could have walked up and grabbed my keys, stolen my car (poor Jorge!) then come back to clean us out later! They'd been hanging there since I'd gotten home from work the night before!
I need to get over this cold before I try and go shopping naked or something!

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Susan said...

Feel better soon! You definitely gotta get well for Christmas (and all the after sales, too).