Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Christmas Badger

There are some things about Christmas I don't understand. I am of a very curious nature and I have questions. I'm not judging, I just want to understand. First of all, why do we stop celebrating at midnight on the 25th? We spend all this time preparing then let it die off after just a day. If we're celebrating Christ's birth wouldn't the real party start on the 25th? If it were happening all over again people would be dropping by to see the baby right? Aren't there supposed to be 12 days of Christmas? There even used to be a big feast back in the day on Twelfth night. I say let's keep the party going right through January 6th.
Also, what's with the deer? Those light up deer in people's yards? I love Christmas lights, and decorating for Christmas and I love it when it's all Griswalded up. But I don't understand the symbolism of the deer. I understand reindeer, but these are just Bambi deer. And I like deer, don't get me wrong. But why pick some random woodland creature, light it up and throw a bow round its neck? What says Happy Birthday Jesus about that? Why not a raccoon? or a badger? What does a deer say about Christmas that a beaver can't?

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