Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tattoo You

So after meeting up with Gwen & the girls we headed uptown to Fu's Tattoos. Now, let me tell you why I wanted a tattoo. I have one already, a product of my youth. But I wanted one for Ling Ling and Mei Mei. That may sound weird to some people, but when you have a bio child you go through a physical process. We get to do paperwork and travel. I wanted my baby to change me physically. I wanted a physical reminder of her so I could look every day and be reminded that she's out there waiting for me. So I decided to get a ladybug tattoo on my right foot. This adoption is a journey and every journey starts with a single step right? There are 3 ladybugs. 3 is my lucky number. Dave the artist heard my story and came up with 2 bigger ladybugs on bamboo looking out over a baby one on a little leaf. Perfect. It looks like Jon and I on our way to get Ling Ling. It's a bit bigger than I had anticipated at first, but once Dave drew it up I knew it was perfect.
We had a big time getting our tattoos together. Click here for pictures.

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Susan said...

I wanna see the tattoo! (and meet up for dinner)