Monday, December 19, 2005

Teeny tiny ghetto pug pictures

Ok, so for Christmas I don't get those big photo cards. I stocked up on Christmas cards already and I add a wallet sized pug snapshot to each card. This year's picture came out great. I photo shopped a message to the top of it and uploaded the pic to order prints. My pictures came in the mail and the print company, their name rhymes with CRAPDISH, had totally cropped my photo and the prints were nothing like last years. Last year there was a nice white border around each photo which made cutting them into 4s easy. This year, no border and they butchered my little message. You could only see the bottom parts of each letter. So I had to trim off the half message (which looked like a bunch of sticks) and send the pictures that way. Crapfish woudn't send me new prints in time. To their credit they did credit my account, but that doesn't help me this season. So now all our loved ones will be receiving teeny tiny ghetto postage stamp sized pug photos. You're lucky bloggy people, you'll get the full photo come Christmas. Count your blessings. Here's a little teaser for you: Ike in his holiday finery. Click to enlarge. He looks like Mufasa.

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