Saturday, September 17, 2005

Til death do us part

I've decided that adopting is a lot like planning a wedding. You're pledging to spend the rest of your life loving and caring for someone. A big trip is involved. A big party will be planned. Lots of pictures will be taken. Everyone has an opinion and must share it with you or else you'll do it all wrong. You begin living with someone that you already loved, but never knew on such an intimate level. You're scared as hell and couldn't be more excited.

I'm starting to feel like I did about a month out from my wedding. I NEED MORE TIME is fighting it out with I JUST WANT HER HOME. I want everything to be perfect for her (or them) but I just want to hold her (or them) so much.

We're having a yard sale next Saturday to raise some money. I'm so excited! I'm hoping for lots of traffic. We need to get rid of a lot of stuff to make room for baby furniture. Holy mother of bisquick, this is really happening!

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