Monday, September 12, 2005

Practice makes perfect

We got our firm date for our homestudy- the 30th. Jon's in a frenzy of home improvement projects. We finished the half bath downstairs- pics to come, just gotta find the befores. and we painted the upstairs hallway. Jon put in a new faucet in the 1/2 bath and we put in a new mirror, but changed our minds on it, so that's still in limbo. We used to be such careful painters, taping off, drop cloths, the works. Now all we need is a brush and some paint and if we spill we remind ourselves we're not married to our carpet anyway.
Yesterday Jon, Marc & Kevin (our BIL and friend) went to watch football for the afternoon while Sara and I took care of the babies. Kevin's little boy Nicolas was there- such a cutie. We all got back together at Sara's later for dinner. I've been getting lots of diaper practice in, and now that Joey's on baby food I've been practicing that too. Jon came in while I was feeding Joey dinner and announced we'd have a drain in our kitchen floor so Jon could just hose off the walls, high chair, baby, me. It's a messy process that's for sure!

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