Sunday, September 25, 2005

GTC Yard Sale Results

The yard sale went great! We were up way too late Friday night putting out signs- we were delayed a bit by a friendly police officer. Then the alarm went off way too early Sat morning. I couldn't believe I was up and dressed and dragging stuff out to the driveway before 6. Shannon arrived and we were ready for business by 7. Our first customer came at 7:15 and for the first hour all we saw were men out yard saling, which was surprising. People came in waves, everyone (save one lunatic) was super nice. Most everyone asked if we were really going to China. Some people thought we were missionaries, some thought we were moving there permanently. We told all who asked our stories and everyone was so great and supportive. Seems just about everyone these days knows someone who has adopted. Some people even bought things after hearing our stories when they weren't buying anything before. It was great. Saturday reminded me yet again why I love living here. Nice, friendly people wanting to help. There was this mother & daughter who bought Jon's old papsan chair and couldn't fit it in their car. I told them they could come back later, I'd hold it for them. Then a big truck pulled up and a couple got out. I called out Good Morning! Where do you live? They happened to live not far from the mother & daughter and the next thing you know phone numbers were being exchanged and the papasan was in the back of the truck ready to be delivered to the ladies later in the day. So nice! We got rid of sooo much stuff, which was necessary as we're moving the office into the bonus room to make room for babies. My mom and Hale donated things for the sale, and so did my boss, which I thought was so cool. The people were all great and we got surprising offers. 8 or 9 people wanted to buy my new bike, we got a couple offers on the house, and some inquiries as to if I would sell my car. At the end of the day we were sweaty, tired, sunburned, happy, and over $300 richer, which Shannon and I split evenly between us. It went so well and we had so much fun that we're planning another sale for the spring!

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