Monday, September 26, 2005


The techno geek in me is going insane. Why did all these cool new gadgets have to come out right when I couldn't be more cash strapped with the adoption and all. I mean, my priorities are in line and I'm not out maxing out my Visa, but man, the temptation is there. First there's the iPod nano. And I'd love an Apple laptop in time for our China trip. My digital camera is acting up so I'd love to have a new one of those, and since my cell phone died and I had to get a new one- the cheapest one they had, but I'm working with all these Blackberry toting guys and I'm dying for one. I'd also love to get a video camera in time for the China trip to capture Ling Ling on film. I am having fun with an iPod though- Hale got a free one for buying a Jeep and I've been using it, and falling in love. Such a cool toy! Hmmm, is winning the lottery really such a statistical impossibility?

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