Wednesday, February 28, 2007

OBGYNo she didn't!

Warning: obgyn talk ahead.
So yesterday was the medical day from hell for me. I mean, I know, it could be so, so much worse. I could be dead, or have cancer, or a sick child, or a laundry list of other problems. But the problems I do have are so frustrating to me I can't even hardly tell you. Ok, so what you don't know is that I'm on week 5 of constant, heavy bleeding. Back in June I had an endometrial ablation where they basically boiled my uterus out to stop literally months of heavy bleeding. Like can't leave the house without wearing a Poise pad and sitting on a towel no unstained sheets or undies left bleeding. And it worked. I didn't bleed. And then in November I bled a little but that was normal. Then again in December. Then it started in late January again and just hasn't stop. All along I've been told that my next option was a hysterectomy. Not fun. So I called my obgyn and made an appointment, but first I asked if I could just have a phone appointment instead of driving so far with all the bleeding. And it wasn't like she could examine me anyway, again with the bleeding. They said no that I had to come in because the hospital requires an exam, blood or not, within 30 days of surgery. So this meant I would surely be uterus free soon.
So I went. And the door was locked. So I went to the back of the same building I've been going to for over 8 years and that door was also locked. So I called and asked what door did I need to go through.

The lady said "Are you on Park Rd?"
Oh, well, we closed that office.
Ok well where are you now?
We're at the corner of Blank Rd & Blanky Blank Rd.
I have no idea where that is.
(here she gives me directions)
Ok, well I'll be there in a minute. But why wouldn't y'all send out a notice that the office has moved?
Oh, well Blankety Blank hospital was supposed to send something out but I guess they didn't.
Ok, well I'll see you in a few minutes.
Oh, well by the time you get here you'll have missed your appointment.
But I wouldn't have if I'd been updated with the right location.
They didn't tell you when they called?
No. (yeah, they told me but just for kicks I went to the wrong place)
Well let me see about rescheduling you. pause..... How's tomorrow at 10:45.
-here's where I start to cry-
Ma'am I HAVE to be seen today. You have no idea about the bleeding and what a pain it is to just get out of the house and I've driven all the way from Blanktown (45 minutes) and I'll sit in the lobby all day til she can see me if necessary.
Sigh. Ok, hold on. ............ Ma'am? If you can be here at 1:45 she can see you.

So I got in and when I was called back to the exam room I hopped up on the table with my shaved legs and painted toenails and do you know she never examined me?? She told me she'd like to try an IUD before we get to the hysterectomy. I don't want a hysterectomy, but I want to be fixed. I'm tired of feeling light headed and bleeding all the time. I'd like to have sex again. I'm married and when I was a teenager I thought marriage meant 24/7 sex and you can't do that when your uterus is falling out! I'm tired of them telling me "well we don't like to remove the uterus when you desire children" when they are the ones who told me I can't get pregnant. Hell, SHE's the one who sterilized me with boiling water! So I started crying again while on the table. It's just so frustrating. I don't have time for this not to work. I will hopefully have a baby in less than a year and I can't be recovering from major surgery while trying to bring a child home from another country. And the IUD won't even be in until like 2 weeks from now. She says it should work by releasing progesterone into my uterus to prevent the build up of the uterine lining. Last year I took progesterone orally to make the bleeding stop and that didn't work, but she seems confident. Keep your fingers crossed. Cause if this doesn't work I may just rip my uterus out myself!


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, I could have written that story except replace endomitrial ablation with three laparoscopies. I went to my doctor last week to talk about a hysterectomy, and ended up on Depo Provera instead. Now my breasts are tender, I'm moody and I want to eat everything in sight! I know just how you feel. I too, just want to be "fixed". I'm sorry you're having to go through this.

Shannon said...

That SUCKS. I can't believe they were blaming you for "missing" your appointment when they didn't tell you that they switched offices. What nerve!! Dumbasses. This better work! Or i'm seriously going to kick some butt for you. I'll kick em down, and then you can bleed all over them. That'll show them!! HA HA HA (i'm kidding of course!)

owens1299 said...

I am having the same problem but not nearly as bad as you... I had the BC shot and my body doesn't like it... so for BC I am looking at getting an IUD... but my bleeding is spotting but I miss sex too... I think I have been bleeding since i had lore and before that I never bleed... blah!

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

G-Wiz...Thats has got to be awful! I can't imagine.I hope you find comfort soon and get this taken care takes so much out of you.
I can't believe how un-orginized they were with the moving with the lack of letting their patients know!

Feel better soon! :o)

bethanie said...

Hey, I had one this summer and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was about 4 weeks until I was better. I had the same problems. Email me if you have questions.

Krista said...

Oh honey, I am so sorry you are dealing with the bleeding again. Been there, done that. I hope the IUD works for you. If not, sometimes a hysterectomy is just a relief. I can't imagine bleeding out while chasing a toddler. Take care of yourself.

Michele Lane said...

oh yuck. I hate when appointment nurses get all high and mighty.. like they hold the keys to the kingdom or something.
I am going through a lot the same thing with the bleeding. In yet another fertility attempt.. aunt flo moved in on 2/4 and has yet to move out. My husband is getting CRANKY.. Here's hoping that the IUD will work FAST and WELL.

Andrea said...

Really sorry this is happening to you. If your dr is not getting the results you want, fire her. It's your body and you're the one calling the shots. I can't believe the receptionist acted the way she did and they didn't tell you of the new location. People can be really stupid sometimes.

Christina said...

Oh, Shannon, I'm so sorry you are so miserable! Maybe you should seek a second opinion about the IUD and hysterectomy, especially if the IUD is just prolonging the inevitable. {HUGS} Hang in there! We're all pulling for you.

foodiechickie said...

Oh gosh I am so sorry you are going through all of this. I hope you get a resolution really soon. It just sucks. :(

jaj said...

Awe, I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I hope you get something that works for you soon.

Jennifer said...

Poor thing! My mother went through this last year and after two D & C's they finally had to take out her uterus and admit that it was "pre-cancerous"

If your OBGYN isn't giving you the care you need - find another one!

Good Luck!

Rachel said...

Good luck!

Rachel said...

And I hate that office for blaming you for coming to the wrong location. I've had that happen before and it is so lame!

Lisanne said...

I'm *so* sorry about everything that you're going through, Shannon. I would have been *so* pissed when they told me that I missed my appointment ~ what kind of doctor's office doesn't tell patients when they've moved??? Hope you feel better soon.

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Oh Shannon, I am so sorry!! That just sucks, from beginning to end. Damn.

Elaine said...

I have to tell you that I was very conflicted while reading this. I was chuckling at the same time my heart was breaking for you. I really am sorry you have to go through this, but admire you doing it with your sense of humor in tact. Take care, dear, and ditto about looking for another doctor.

Kricket said...

I have known several people that have had the ablation only to have it not work. When it was my turn I flat out said no way. I was bleeding for 12 weeks straight, 2 days off, then 8 weeks, one day off, then 10 weeks, etc... My iron was so low. My blood count was low. I was weak. I was sick. I said no way to that ablation cause I just knew in my heart it wasn't going to work. I had the hysterectomy. I have no regrets. Oh, and everyone that I have known that had the ablation? They ended up having the hysterectomy as well.

I have a great OB/GYN in Charlotte. Email me if ya want. :)