Thursday, February 08, 2007

Red dirt and dead cars

I went to a James Taylor concert many, many moons ago and he said "Welcome to North Carolina- the land of red dirt and dead cars." Well, you can add Iron Monkey to the list. Iron Monkey is Jon's Camry. Jon's driven nothing but Toyota Camry's for a million years and has never had a problem. Back in 2001 when a Cadillac hit me and totaled my car I was forced to buy a new one and that's when Jorge, my Rav4 entered our lives. We were just about to leave the dealership when Jon asked what they'd charge him for that there Camry. It's a 2002- not that old- just a lemon. And for the last few months it's been stalling when slowing down from speeds over 50. But not all the time. Not when we took it to Toyota and showed them and paid $300 twice for them to fix something that they couldn't find. So CSP's been driving Jorge to work since we moved and I've been stuck with IM. I've been pretty lucky up til a couple weeks ago when IM died on the off ramp going to my mom's. He wouldn't start for a good 15 minutes. Then today on the way home from the dentist he died at a stop light and a kind man pushed me off the road where I sat for a half hour til IM would start up again. I drove him straight to the car wash/ inspection place (used a coupon from that book I worked so hard to get) and got him super clean and inspected. Then I went home and hopped on to find CSP a new ride. He's been needing a truck so I searched until I found a good deal on a basic Chevy truck. I called Carmax and told them I was coming in for an appraisal and could they put in a transfer for a truck from their Winston store. She told me to come in first then they'd do the transfer. No problem. Sara & the boys wanted to go so we piled in and headed down to the dealership. Of course by the time we got there the truck I wanted had been sold. But while they were appraising Iron Monkey we found another truck and put in for the transfer on that one. It's coming from Memphis and should be here in a couple weeks.
The boys played in the play room (kudos to Carmax for including this awesome playroom for parents!) while we waited. I got a good trade in value for IM and CSP can't wait to be a truck driver. I just can't wait to get my Jorge back!

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Good luck with the car!