Saturday, February 10, 2007


This morning I attended a Pampered Chef party at my next door neighbor's house. That's her daughter E above modeling the PC kid's apron and hat. She took her job seriously. I really like my neighbor C so I knew it would be a fun time, but it was even more fun because my sister and nephews came and so did Susan and Olivia. All the kids played in C's ginormous playroom upstairs while the party went on. The kids got along famously. Joey has started calling me Gigi instead of Shanny lately. Gigi is my mom. Jacob did the same thing when he was Joey's age. I think it's because both my mom and I have blonde hair. Anyway, halfway through the party Joey comes and stands on the stairs and yells GIGI! and got no response. Well, would you turn if someone yelled Barbara and your name is Jennifer? So he let out a super loud GIGIIIIIIII! and that's when I remembered oh! that's me! We got some weird looks from the party goers since I'd just introduced myself as Shannon, but what can you do?! I took plenty of pictures of the kids and you can see them here.

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