Friday, October 13, 2006

There goes the neighborhood

So we're mostly moved in. CSP opted for the 22' truck instead of the biggest one and sure enough we filled it up, then filled up my BIL's truck, then filled up my RAV 4, and we STILL have stuff at the old place! We have too much stuff! I've been purging like a mad woman and making a huge garage sale pile during packing and moving and we still have too much stuff! I'll never move again without hiring people. Luckily we still have over a week at the old house to pick up the left behind stuff & clean & what not. Even Jake (3 yr old nephew) noticed our abundance of stuff. He asked me "This Shanny's old house?" Yes. "Daddy & Unca Jon take all that to Shanny's new house?" Yes. "Oh..Unca Jon gotta put a LOT of stuff at new house." Oh yes.

CSP & BIL wore themselves out moving our oodles of furniture out of the old house so they totally gave up once we got to the new house. Result: the only furniture upstairs is the guest mattress & box springs. Oy. They worked hard though. At the end of the day Jake came in the living room and told me "Unca Jon stinky. Unca Jon needs a shower."

My mind is a flurry of decorating ideas.

I wasn't much help with the move though because in my apparent quest to fill up my medical malady punch card, I was back at the doctor's again today. I tweeked out my knee this summer but it never got better, only worse and worse by the day. I finally caved and went to the dr for an x-ray. Dr. didn't like the looks of things and sent me for an MRI and wrote me a prescription for an anti- inflammatory. CSP wouldn't let me carry much on moving day and is still concerned. He lovingly refers to me as HopAlong due to my sexy limp.

Ok, off to the new house for some more unloading of my car and unpacking of stuff!

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