Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm bringing sexy back

First, y'all rock. Thank you for all the sweet comments & emails. Even though I started blogging 5 years ago as a quick easy way to journal, I did wonder from time to time if I stopped blogging would anyone notice. Thanks for noticing.

So I had my nerve test last week, which by the way hurt like a beeeeyotch! I love how nurses/techs will tell you "this might sting/pinch/bite a bit" just before they stab/poke/or in my case electrocute you. They had to shock my arms & hands with electricity and insert needles into my muscles and make me move around my hands to see if I do indeed have carpal tunnel. I do, indeed. Moderate in my left arm, severe in my right. I'm hopped up on some pain meds right now so I can type for a bit more. I'll have to have surgery in my right arm for sure. I started wearing braces/splints at night and they let me sleep through the night again. They are fabulous. But things like using my swiffer, eating, driving, blowing my hair dry- they all turn my arm numb and it hurts. Oy.

I'm quite the hot little number now with my Wonder Woman braces, as CSP calls them. Picture if you will my bedtime ensemble: ear plugs (pugs + CSP= SNORING), bite guard in my mouth, eye mask to block out light, my Darth Vadar mask contraption, and now my sexy rexy arm braces. The Cap'n is a lucky, lucky man. If lucky, lucky means patient and totally blinded by love. We were talking about Ling Ling yesterday and how I want to make sure the bedroom closest to ours is turned into the nursery so I can hop out of bed and run in to comfort my baby. CSP said "Yeah, I'd like to see you hop out of bed! You're too connected to stuff with all your tubes and gear. And poor Ling Ling better not come into our room at night or she'll be scared to death when she gets a look at you in bed!" I wonder if we can request a baby who does not startle easily?

So I'm going to ease back into blogging & computer use. I apologize if emails are slow. And there won't be a fall line of jewels over at Bellatini =(. But I did realize I can post little videos with minimum typing. And I'm trying to use my mouse with my left hand. So stay tuned for video blog posts....and come back tomorrow cause I'm revealing a big secret CSP & I have been keeping since April. No, I'm not pregnant, we haven't gotten another pug, and we haven't won the lottery. But it is exciting news for us! (no spoiling the fun if you already know!)

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