Sunday, October 22, 2006

A bunch of random stuff then I go on a bit of a rant

I promise I'll get CSP (my husband- Captain Safety Pants) to take my picture in all my gear soon. We close on the old house this week so we're scrambling to finish unloading the old house and getting it cleaned.

There are a ton of crickets at the new house. They sneak in from the outside via the garage and the boxes. So when I'm unpacking they venture out into the house only to be toyed with and eaten by Molly.

Molly & her dad on game day- loyal Vikings fans. We've accidentally been given the NFL Sunday ticket and my boy is sooo happy. He'll be sad tomorrow when I cut it off. Unfortunately on the adoption budget his happiness is not worth $70 a month.

I've heard the best costume ideas lately for Halloween. Gangreen: a bunch of people wearing green t-shirts & bandannas. Bad Spinach: dress all in green and wear tattoos, carry a whiskey bottle, some cigs in your sleeve and curse a lot. And mine- just the thought of it makes me laugh so hard. Whoever came up with it is a genius and if I can manage to put it together in time for the big day I will and then take photos for you.

So CSP & my BIL moved some furniture upstairs yesterday (finally!) and all was going well until we realized that unless we can somehow remove the roof and lower it in from a crane, OUR BED WON'T GO UPSTAIRS. I'm sooo mad about this I could just spit. Our stairs are too steep and the ceiling is too low so our king sized bed won't fit up the stairs. Poor CSP & BIL tried EVERYTHING. We've been sleeping on the guest queen thinking it was temporary. Heh. I swear I'm going to have a field day when I talk to the big honchos at my builder's offices. Who makes a house with a bedroom the size of a barn but you can't get a king bed in it? And we paid for 9 foot ceilings so they are higher than the model. But the models only have small beds in them to make the rooms look bigger. I will never build with CP Morgan again. Just wait til I tell y'all all the reasons why. I sent in our comment cards and they are sending out vice presidents to meet with us because of what I said on the cards. So I'm gonna leave our giant king sized mattress in our living room until they get here so they can see how ridiculous this is. And now we're gonna have to go buy 2 smaller beds for our room, cause you know, it's 19freaking55!

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