Monday, October 16, 2006

Look at me, I'm white and nerdy

First I want to sing the praises of our Mac. Computer-wise this move could not have been easier. I unplugged everything at the old house, plugged in at the new house, took the new DSL modem out of the box, plugged it in and boom shakalaka I'm on the internet. I heart Mac. No software to download or cds to install. Just plug in and go.

This, my dears, is my Tupperware cabinet. My new kitchen has more cabinets than the old one so the Tupperware got a promotion to an upper cabinet. Note the empty shelves up top. I can't reach those bad boys even on my step stool. This house was built by giants. The 6 foot 5 inch CSP could be hiding a stash of porn and smack in the cabinets over the fridge and I'd never know. Anyway, I love Tupperware with a passion that can only be rivaled by the love I feel for Pampered Chef & Crocs. Keeping my Tupperware cabinet this organized for at least the next month is my primary goal. Go ahead and gaze at it with wonder and amazement. What's that you say? Why yes, my lids and flat-out bowls are color coordinated. So nice of you to notice. Yep, take a good look, cause as soon as CSP unloads the dishwasher for the first time, this cabinet will be sure to look like a drink beaver came through here after losing an eye in a bar brawl.

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