Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ice Queen

I had my follow-up visit with my dermatologist today so she could take a look at my mole on my face and see how it's healed. It healed nicely but she thinks it has grown back. I think she just didn't shave the whole thing off. She's sending me to a plastic surgeon to take it the rest of the way off. I don't have time for that right now. By the way, the nurse there cracks me up. She always wears this scrub top that has dogs and cats all over it and says "Vets rule!". True, but wouldn't a "Dermatologists rule!" top be more appropriate? Anyway, my dr. checked out the excema spots I have all over and gave me some foam to use for my scalp and a prescription for some medicated shampoo. I keep getting more and more sexy huh?

Then she asked to look at my legs. Last time I was there my mom wanted the Dr. to check out some excema spots. I showed her today, how they're still there, not responding to the cream I use. She looked at them and noticed that they were bigger and asked about my sun exposure. This surprised me as I thought my fish belly white skin would make it obvious that I spend no time in the sun and when I do I am the Queen of SPF! I use no less than spf 30 all the time. Then she went and got the big cheese Dr. to look at my legs. He confirmed what she was thinking and they told me- pre-cancerous spots all over my legs and a big one on my hip. Seriously? I couldn't believe it! So what to do? I just came in for a mole check! She said she was going to give me frost bite. Freeze the spots with liquid nitrogen. She picked up the canister to show me what it looks like but it was empty. Oh well, too bad! See you later! Sit back down she said. She got another canister and froze 13 spots. That hurts man. Then it itches. And now I have blisters. You don't know how hard it is not to pop them. She said it would take about a month then they'll crust up and fall off. I know what you're thinking...and yes, I have reached the pinnacle of sexiness. I should write a book! I told CSP and he just kind of nodded and asked some questions. I said you seem rather calm about this. He said, "well, it's a new week- that means a new ailment. Nothing you tell me would surprise me now."

So CSP is going to take a photo of me in the morning. You've all been lighting up the request line asking for a picture of me in all my medicinal glory. So stay tuned and tomorrow you will see me in my arm braces, my cpap mask, my foamy head and blistered, frost bitten legs. You may need a cold shower after. Just sayin.

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