Sunday, October 15, 2006

Show & Tell

Hey y'all! We're hauling the computer to the new house tonight so this will be my last post until we get our DSL hookup this week. And I really shouldn't be on here right now as I have some loading up to do. But I remembered to upload pics for you, which is a good thing since I can't find my camera charger so once my battery dies that's it til I get my house organized, and that could take, well, forever. I'm behind on answering email and checking in on blogs. But I'll catch up. I do read every comment and totally appreciate them. Anyway, on to show and tell.

Tell: my dr put me on anti inflammatories for my knee and they kicked in today. Man that's better. Plus they seem to be helping my arms too. Yay for drugs! I'll get the results of my MRI this week. My dr. doesn't think I'll need surgery. Dammit! And I was just one surgery away from filling up my frequent under the knife card!

Show: I like to think that sometimes I can snap a good picture or two. Sometimes I can take a fabulous shot. But when I need to take a photo to show CSP something for some reason all my skills play dead. For instance when house shopping I'd tend to take pictures of the pantries and toilets. CSP has no use for pantry and potty pics as he knows that EVERY house comes with them! Here's my latest photographic screw up. We were in L0we's picking up some hardware-esque item so I hung out in lighting while CSP grabbed whatever tool thingie he needed. I found some lights I liked for the new house and thought I'd just snap some pics to show him later. Looking at this even I have no idea which one was the target!
This is the current state of my dining room:

Our new screened in back porch has already gotten some use. Sara, the boys, and I had a snack out there on moving day:
And finally, my mom's dog Sam wants to show you his new golf pants/glow in the dark skeleton fashion ensemble. Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

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