Saturday, October 14, 2006


I don't like the word couch. I prefer sofa. Same goes for rag (cloth), toilet paper (bath tissue), and cooter (anything but cooter).
I'm not a fan of the deli sandwich/ chips combo with pickle spear.
Please don't finish my sentences out loud. Do it in your head if you're so inclined, but some (most) times you don't really know what I'm thinking.
I also don't like the words: moist, phlegm (sp?), cooch, and crotch. I'm sure there are others too but I can't remember them.
I love the words canoodle, brouhaha (sp?), shenanigans and cahoots.
It's a good thing I'm not supposed to drink alcohol (because of the meds I'm on) cause I love me some fun, fruity drinks and suck those babies down in record time, which only leads to much hugging and loud I love yous.
Why don't people say "You're welcome" anymore? Seems like I hear "No problem" as a response to "Thank you" more and more and it just drives me nuts. Why, you say? Because "you're welcome" implies that it was a pleasure to help. "No problem" implies that most of the time helping would have been a problem, but today it isn't.
How did I miss that Denny was loaded? Did anyone else know this? (Grey's last night)
I wonder sometimes what it's like to be able to wear cute strappy heels and not be hobbled by pain. Shoot, I wonder what it's like to have ankles.
I don't think people tell each other I love you enough. Some people I know are uncomfortable hearing it and getting hugs and all that. But I think it is so important to tell each other. Lisa and her sister are so great about telling each other all the time. And she tells me and at first it was a little off putting to hear it over the phone like that but now it is so natural. Because of her example I try and tell all my loved ones how much I love em as much as possible. So here goes: I love you guys! And I mean it!
Did y'all know that Oklahoma has a literacy campaign called Read Y'all? I couldn't make that up. Love that name! Reminds me of the "Let 'em work, let 'em live" signs we have around here about road workers. Love that a public sign has the word (?) 'em in it. Gotta love the South!
Ok, one last thing I swear. Well, now I can't think of it. That's happening a lot these days. Jeesh.

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