Monday, October 09, 2006

It was torture I tell you!

Y'all don't have any idea how hard it was to not blog about my house being for sale. Two months of showings and craziness. One offer that came in just 13 days after being on the market- we conceeded to their demands after some negotiating just to have them pull out and not sign the contract. Bizarre feedback emails forwarded to us by our agent. Potential buyers would reject our house because of odd things like:
-client has small child and feels the pond is dangerous (our yard is fenced in and they would have had to physically chuck the kid over into the pond),
-client is turned off by location of laundry room (it's downstairs next to the kitchen- very convenient for me, but not for them for some reason)
-client didn't like house because of carpet, countertops, and paint. (you guys have seen our paint jobs inside, I thought we did a nice job and it was fairly neutral save the master bedroom and guest bedroom.)
-client needed more square footage. (well, the info sheet tells you how big the house is. if you need more sq. feet then don't waste my time!)
We'd get calls for showings with only 10 minutes notice sometimes. I'd race around turning on lights, lighting candles, playing music, opening blinds and grabbing pugs. I'd hop in the car with the pugs and either roam around my neighborhood or go over to my mom's. And then sometimes, right after all that madness and about 5 minutes into my drive I'd get a call that they'd cancelled. NICE.
We closed on our new house before the old house was sold. This was stroke material for CSP. I kept reassuring him that the old house would sell. And it did. But not before a series of mental breakdowns on his part. Poor guy.
The upsides to owning 2 homes at once:
-2, count them, 2 mailboxes. I heart mail.
-being able to load up my car and move bit by bit. We had to water the new sod every day or so, so we made the trips count by taking a load of stuff with us. Not having to move all in one day will be sooo nice.
I LOATHE moving. I hate packing and unpacking and lugging crap up and down stairs and not knowing where my stuff is. BUT, there are some things I love about moving:
-a new blank slate for painting and decorating.
-new address labels.
-yard sale.
-we're getting satellite tv this time. the local cable company doesn't offer dvr in our new neighborhood (the horror!) so I have to go with satellite to get dvr. It turns out we'll be spending much less than before AND finally have dvr again. Not having dvr is wrecking my tv life. The Duel starts Thursday night opposite 6 Degrees and I haven't seen CSI all season cause it's up against Grey's I think and I swear when the satellite guy shows up I just might kiss him!
-I don't move toilet brushes and stuff like that so that means a big trip to T@rget for essentials.
-I try not to duplicate rooms too much from house to house. This means all new furniture and accessory configurations.
-IKEA TRIP! We had the builders not install mirrors ($60 credit for each one they didn't install) since they were just gonna put up those plate mirrors and we'd buy new ones anyway. So I have to buy new mirrors for the bathrooms, bath tissue holders, towel holders, tons of new lighting to replace those awful builder's choice globe lights, all kinds of new stuff must be purchased. Twist my arm to go to IKEA!
While watering my lawn I've been able to meet a few of my new neighbors. Everyone seems really nice and friendly. I can't wait to tell you about Shirtless Fernando. But I'll have to wait til tomorrow. Lots to do today. We're moving on Wednesday!

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